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CBD skincare recipes are one way of microdosing CBD. But CBD is so beneficial for the skin in so many ways and we have curated our top 10 CBD skincare recipes so you make and enjoy some of the favorite recipe!

Here are our top 10 CBD skincare recipes.

#1: CBD Lemon Lavender Body Butter

CBD lotion or CBD body butter is definitely a hot commodity as it provides so much relief to targeted areas, but it can be quite expensive! By making your own CBD body butter, you’ll never have to worry about cashing over a pretty penny for it AND you won’t have to worry about running out as you will always have the recipe to make more!

We chose to make this CBD body butter with lemon and lavender essential oil for a nice calming effect with the lavender and lemon.

#2: CBD Lip Balm

It’s the worst when you run out of lip balm and have to run to the store and overpay for what you could make at home much, much cheaper and with CBD infused into it! Try this CBD vegan lip balm.

This recipe is one of our most popular recipes as it is simple and easy to make. Make a big batch and be good for a while! Enjoy it all day long!

#3: CBD Lotion Bars

This CBD lotion bar recipe is a very easy lotion recipe to make and it is so nice to use inside the shower after you are all clean!

Get this CBD lotion bar a little damp when you are all done cleansing in the shower and rub it on your skin. When finished, pat to dry.

#4: CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are definitely one of our most popular recipes! With good reason, these CBD bath bombs are easy and fun to make! We made these with orange and lavender essential oils but you could essentially use whatever youo are in the mood for!

Easily double this batch of these CBD bath bombs and give them away to family or friends!

#5: CBD Honey Lip Scrub Recipe

This CBD honey lip scrub is a great exfoliant to use on your lips when you feel they are a little too dry or too chapped.

Use  this CBD lip scrub, then follows with our CBD lip balm!

#6: CBD Face Mask

A CBD face mask is a great way to give yourself an at home spa treatment! This is made with honey, turmeric, himalayan sea salt, and our Simply Add CBD™ Skincare Oil.

Get the recipe and treat yourself!

#7: CBD Eye Cream

This CBD eye cream is very easy to make. Simply mix the ingredients into a bowl, stir and apply, then store it in a jar.

We used frankincense essential oil in this CBD eye cream recipe, frankincense helps to diminish wrinkles, which makes it essential for this eye cream recipe!

#8: CBD Cooling Body Butter

This CBD cooling body butter is a great alternative to the menthol CBD lotions you will find on the market, just with a few ingredients that you can find much cheaper than what you will pay for those cooling CBD lotions.

#9: CBD Bath Salts

These CBD bath salts are another great recipe to gift away to friends and family! But with using ylang ylang essential oil, they smell too good to give away! But don’t worry, this is a super easy recipe you can whip up in no time!

P.S. -> Don’t forget to save the recipes to your boards for later!

#10: CBD Cellulite Coffee Scrub

CBD cellulite coffee scrub recipe is a great exfoliant recipe to help with dead skin and hydrating the skin. Using this scrub with coffee as the exfoliant adds an extra layer of hydration to your skin!

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