About Simply Add CBD

Our Mission

Provide High Quality CBD Ingredients & CBD Recipes for Creators, by Creators

Our Commitment to Bakers & Creators.

Hi, we are Chris & Sarah.

We began Simply Add after wanting to make CBD edibles and skincare products, but we could not find one resource on the internet for creators looking to make these products on their own.

Our intentions were simple:

  1. Easily make CBD products that had predictable dosages.
  2. Use solventless CBD oils specifically designed for baking, cooking, and crafting.

There were several problems we encountered:

  1. Most recipes discussed using THC extracts from marijuana.
  2. We wanted to use CBD extract from hemp.
  3. The CBD concentrations in different companies vary greatly. There was no standard, which means dosages could vary greatly if you used different CBD oils.
  4. After days of calling around, we found out most companies sold CBD oil products made with harsh chemical processing like ethanol and butane CBD oil extraction. These have been found to leave residual solvents in the products, which is why we wanted solventless CBD oil products.

There was no one place to get clean, solventless CBD products and recipes that gave instructions on how to make CBD edibles with predictable dosages and how to make CBD skincare products.

We created Simply Add in order to create the go-to place for getting clean, solventless CBD oil for baking, cooking, and crafting with the largest CBD recipe bank on the internet!

How We Are Different

We brought together our passions for baking, cooking, and crafting with our love for CBD benefits to become the first solventless CBD oil manufacturer to specifically design products and recipes for baking, cooking, and crafting with CBD.

Solventless Processing

We only use solventless hemp extraction methods to process hemp into clean CBD oils. Solventless hemp processing leaves no residual solvents that can occur in CO2, Ethanol, Butane or other methods of extraction. This results in a true full-spectrum CBD hemp oil that is cleaner and healthier, without the risk of having trace amounts of harsh solvents being passed on in the products sold to you.

Responsible Manufacturing

From purchasing hemp, down to strict testing throughout the production process – our expertise is manufacturing and quality control. Our rich background, education, and certifications of our staff in manufacturing and operations allow us to ensure products meet laws, regulations, and customer requirements – the three most important aspects of being a responsible hemp processor and CBD oil manufacturer.

Recipe Research

We are a team of professional bakers, cooks, and crafters with published recipe books prior to coming to work together at Simply Add. We work to develop recipes unique to Simply Add, with photos taken by our staff. No stock photography! We want you to see exactly what you can make using our recipes, while ensuring you are educated on how to properly use our CBD oils to get your dosage of CBD right with each recipe!