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A Guide to Confidently Baking with CBD

We are just crossing our 100th recipe baking with CBD oil and we are starting to get a lot of questions, with many questions being:

  • Does baking with CBD oil burn of the benefits of the CBD?
  • When you bake with CBD oil can it destroy the good stuff in the CBD?
  • How can you bake CBD edibles to ensure you aren’t wasting CBD?

There are many articles talking about how the CBD boiling point is 300-330° F, yet they go on to write about baking CBD edibles recipes at 350-400° F.


Nobody really took the time to dive into the art of baking with CBD, at least not until we sat down to put together this simple guide to baking with CBD.

We hope at the end of this article we have answered some of your questions and got you a little more confident about your baked CBD edibles turning out delicious and beneficial.

If at all you have any follow up questions, please drop a comment at the end of this article or email us directly by filling out the form on Contact page. This is our passion, so we’d love to answer any follow up questions you might have.

So let’s dig in!

CBD Boiling Point & Baking CBD Edibles

The boiling point of CBD is between 300-330° F, or 149-165° C. However, this does not mean you should be worried about baking CBD edibles in an oven that is 350-400° F, or 176-204° C. The CBD edibles will not reach an internal temperature anywhere close to the CBD boiling point, which means your CBD will not be damaged, destroyed, or boil off.

For standard CBD edible recipes that require baking at a temperature of 350-400° F, or 176-204° C for a period of 15-45 minutes, they will most likely only reach an internal tempurature of around 220-245° F, or 104-118° C. This is actually the optimal temperature for decarbolyxation to occur if your CBD oil contains CBDA.

If your edibles were to reach the boiling point of CBD between 300-330° F, or 149-165° C, you will have some very burnt, crispy, and dry edibles…

Baking with CBD Oil vs CBD Isolate

When it comes to baking with CBD oil vs baking with CBD isolate powder, there is no difference of when you would add the CBD, how the CBD performs in edibles when baking them, or any other factor. However, there is a difference in the overall effects between the different types of CBD edibles.

Since CBD isolate powder does not have other cannabinoids or terpenes, there is a noticeable difference in the effects of CBD isolate edibles vs CBD oil edibles that are made with full-spectrum CBD oil.

How to Use CBD in Baking

1) Use the Best CBD Edibles Recipes

Baking CBD edibles works best when used in edibles that contain fats since CBD is fat soluble. This would include butter, cream cheese, oils, and other substances containing natural fats. All of our CBD edibles recipes on SimplyAdd ensure they have these ingredients, so they are the best CBD edible recipes you can make!

2) Add CBD with Fatty Base Ingredients

When taking a regular recipe for baking any type of food, you want to add the CBD in the process step where the fatty substances are added. You’ll see in all of our CBD edibles recipes that we add the SimplyAdd™ CBD Baking Oil when the fatty bases of the recipe are also added.

3) Mix CBD into Edibles Throroughly

You want to make sure you mix CBD in edibles thoroughly so you are evening out the dosage of CBD throughout the entire batch of edibles. We have experienced what it is like not mixing in the CBD thoroughly and it becomes a surprise as to what you will experience when eating each edible. Mix thoroughly when you add in the CBD baking ingredient, wether you choose to use CBD oil or CBD isolate in your edibles, so you can get even dosages in each edible.

CBD Baking Oil 750 mg MCT Oil Simply Add 1

1 oz 750 mg

Baking with CBD Oil

Best CBD Edible Dosage

The CBD dosage will vary from person to person based on what they are trying to accomplish and what situation they are dealing with.

In a NIH study published in 2019, a group of doctors tested patients with anxiety and sleep with dosages ranging from 25 mg to 75 mg per dose, in the morning with breakfast and at night after dinner. Dosages were administered around meals so the CBD would be digested with food in the stomach.

We recommend discussing your individual situation with your healthcare provider in order to decide on your personal dosage.

With that said, all of our dosages are based on recipes we made for our staff here at SimplyAdd™. Our staff on average takes a dosage of 15-20 mg. Again, consult your healthcare provider to understand how much CBD you should put into your CBD edibles per serving.

Calculating CBD Edible Dosages

Here is an equation to follow when calculating CBD per serving:

(Total ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil used  X  25 mg)  /  # of servings ≈ CBD Dosage per serving

Below is a chart of the ml amount and a rough average of how much CBD is in that amount of ml of our Simply Add™ CBD Baking Oil.

1 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 25 mg of CBD

.75 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 18.75 mg of CBD

.5 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 12.5 mg of CBD

.25 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 6.25 mg of CBD


Using Other Companies Products

Using other companies products will make these number calculations different and all of our recipes different. If you are following our recipes using another companies product, please make sure to do these calculations to figure out your CBD dosage per serving.

We strongly recommend using our Simply Add™ CBD Baking Oil when making our CBD edible recipes to avoid confusion and not getting enough CBD or accidently taking too much.

Baking CBD Edibles FAQ

Can you use CBD oil in edibles?

Yes, baking with CBD oil is completely safe and you will most likely never get the CBD oil inside edibles to it’s boiling point of 300-330° F, or 149-165° C, so there is no need to worry about destroying or burning the CBD when making CBD edibles.

Does heat destroy CBD?

Heat will only destroy CBD if you apply direct heat to the CBD that is at or above the CBD boiling point of 300-330° F, or 149-165° C, for a prolonged period of time, such as in processes like pan frying. It is a myth that baking CBD edibles will destroy CBD because of the oven baking at a temperature of 350-400° F, or 176-204° C for a period of 15-45 minutes, that the CBD will be destroyed or degrade. The CBD edibles will most likely only reach an internal tempurature of around 220-245° F, or 104-118° C, which is actually the optimal temperature for decarbolyxation to occur if your CBD oil contains CBDA.

Does CBDa turn into CBD?

CBDa will turn into CBD when baking the CBDa at a temperature of around 220-245° F, or 104-118° C. This is actually the temperature that most CBD edibles will reach when you are baking them in an oven, which will help activate the remaining CBDa into CBD.

At what temperature does CBDa convert to CBD?

According to an NIH study on Cannabinoid decarboxylation, CBDa will optimally convert to CBD in 30 minutes at a temperature of 230° F, or 110° C. Since a standard oven will not hold exact temperature, it is recommended to decarboxylate CBDa into CBD at a temperature around 220-245° F, or 104-118° C, for 30-40 minutes.

How do you take CBD edibles?

CBD edibles should be consumed in a dosage per serving, with a serving differentiating based on the type of CBD edible. We recommend discussing your needed dosage and frequency with a healthcare provider.

When should I take CBD edibles?

A published study by the NIH on the benefits of CBD in patients with anxiety and sleep disorders administered doses of 25-75 mg of CBD in both the morning during breakfast and in the evening after dinner. We recommend discussing your specific needs with your healthcare provider.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Due to FDA Regulations, we recommend that you do your own research on CBD products and discuss the use of CBD with your healthcare professional.

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