Simply Add CBD™ Annual Scholarship

The Scholarship Program for Hemp Industry Advocates

Award: $1,000

Deadline: 7/17/2020

Your Privacy Is Important to Us!
When filling out this application for our hemp scholarship program, please note: your personal information will never be sold, distributed, or abused in any way. We will add you to our company’s personal email list so that you can receive information on future opportunities by us, Simply Add CBD™. You can unsubscribe from this at any time by clicking a link in the bottom of an email from us or by emailing [email protected].

Education can and will change the future. It is why hemp and CBD are not illegal anymore!

With the current volatility of the hemp industry, we need more people advocating for change, structure, and fair regulation that becomes industry standard. Education and research is the only way for us to realize the full potential of a plant our ancestors mistakenly outlawed decades ago. It’s time to take action!

Who Should Apply?

  • Students interested in the benefits of CBD and other industrial hemp derived products.
  • Associate, Bachelor, or Master Degree Candidates

How Does It Work?

Follow these instructions carefully to make sure you qualify.
  1. Complete the quick application below. Applications are due July 17th, 2020.Takes roughly 10-20 minutes.
  2. Become an advocate! Share this page on social media, tagging us and using the hashtags:@SimplyAddCo #SimplyAddCBD #HempScholarship
  3. Winner will be announced on August 1st! Applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges and rated based on the answers to the three questions. Watch for the email and make sure [email protected] is added to your email contact list!

Scholarship Payment Terms

  • Winner must verify full-time enrollment prior to payment being issued.
  • Payment will be made directly to the education institution toward tuition, books, fees, and other school related items.

Ready to Apply?

Let's walk you through the 3 steps to make sure you don't miss anything.

Step 1: Complete the Application

Please complete and submit the following scholarship application. After hitting submit, you will be directed to a confirmation page with instructions on how to complete Step 2 & 3.
Feel free to tell us a story. It can be about how it has helped you, a family member, friend, or a pet. Be as detailed as possible. If you don't have a story, tell us why you are interested in hemp/CBD.
This can be in the hemp industry if that is your passion, or in any other area you are passionate about. What are your goals? What would you like to do after college?
Please tell us about you, your academic achievements, and why the $1,000 award should go to you!