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CBD Strawberry Brownie Recipe

Today we have one of our fun favorites – a simple CBD strawberry brownie recipe!

This is a quick strawberry brownie recipe you can whip up within an hour and have a fun, fruity CBD brownie recipe!


Tips on How to Make CBD Infused Strawberry Brownies

We recommend making this simple CBD strawberry brownie recipe exactly how it is detailed out below. This way, you won’t mess with the CBD dosage.

If you are interested in making some changes to the recipe, please check out the notes section of the recipe on how to calculate and make sure your CBD dosage is right for you!

Note: The average CBD dosage of our staff at Simply Add CBD is around 10-20 mg of CBD per serving. This is roughly one CBD brownie from this CBD strawberry brownie recipe.

CBD Strawberry Brownies

Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil

We highly recommend using our Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil for this recipe.

*Using any other CBD oil besides Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil may drastically change the recipe, taste, and potency of your CBD strawberry brownies.

Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil is specifically designed for baking and cooking.

We source fresh hemp flower from local Wisconsin farmers and manufacture this product in-house. Our CBD Baking Oil contains CBD concentrate made with solventless extraction and no added preservatives!

Again, there are no solvents used in the hemp extraction process like the majority of other retailer’s products out there.

All you get is the straight CBD concentrate from our in-house processed hemp flower infused into MCT oil. Some would call this organic processing.

Also, it is half the cost of 95% of all other CBD oils on the market, since you are buying right from us – the manufacturer!

Simply Add CBD™

Baking CBD Oil

Clean, solventless CBD oil for baking.

Ingredients: Solventless Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil + MCT Oil

Simple CBD Strawberry Brownies Recipe

Here is the perfect, simple CBD strawberry brownie recipe using Simply ADD CBD™ Baking Oil to make these strawberry brownies infused with CBD.
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 12 servings



Baking Ingredients

    For the Brownies

    • 1 box Strawberry Cake Mix to make these gluten free, substitute with gluten free strawberry cake mix
    • 2 Eggs
    • cup Vegetable Oil
    • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
    • 1 cup Strawberries

    For the Glaze

    • ½ cup Powdered Sugar
    • ½ tsp Vanilla Extract
    • ½ tbsp Water



    • Preheat your oven to 350° F / 180° C and grease your brownie pan.
    • In a large bowl mix the cake mix with eggs, oil, vanilla extract, & Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil with a whisk.
      Important: Stir thoroughly for a few minutes to ensure the Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil is dispersed throughout the mixture. This will ensure each CBD brownie has a more even dosage of CBD.
    • Stir the strawberries in well.
    • Transfer the mixture into your greased brownie pan.
    • Bake in your preheated oven for 35 - 40 minutes.
    • To make sure it is completely done, stick a toothpick in the middle of it. If it comes out dirty, cook a bit longer. When it comes out clean, the brownies are done.

    The Glaze

    • In a small bowl mix the powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and water.
    • When the brownies are done, let them cool completely on the countertop.
    • Drizzle some glaze on top.
    • Enjoy your Simply Add CBD™ Strawberry Brownies!


    If you like thicker brownies, we recommend using an 8" x 8" pan. This will keep each CBD strawberry brownie dosage the same, as long as you still cut the pan of brownies into 12 servings.
    When changing the recipe to make more or less servings, make sure to calculate your Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil requirements accordingly to reach your desired dosage of CBD. This is also true if you decide to make larger sized brownies, but less total quantity of brownies with this exact recipe - your CBD dosage per brownie will increase.
    To figure out the dosage per brownie, use the values below to calculate your total CBD used and divide by the number of CBD strawberry brownies you made. This is the estimated CBD per brownie.
    CBD dosage per Brownie (Total ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil used  X  25 mg)  /  # of Brownies
    eg. When making this exact recipe: 
    (6 ml X 25 mg) / 12 brownies ≈ 12.5 mg CBD/brownie
    1 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 25 mg of CBD
    .75 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 18.75 mg of CBD
    .5 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 12.5 mg of CBD
    .25 ml of Simply Add CBD™ Baking Oil ≈ 6.25 mg of CBD
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    Strawberry Brownies CBD Recipe
    CBD Strawberry Brownies Recipe
    CBD Strawberry Brownie Recipe

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